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Spending time in jail is one of the most trying experiences you may ever have to go through. Once you’ve been imprisoned, the time spent in confinement is dependent entirely on the speed—or lack thereof—of the court system, so there’s no guarantee that your time in jail will be brief. If you’ve found yourself in this unfortunate situation, you’ll need the help of a 24-hour bail bonds company you can trust. At BailSmart Bail Bonds, we have a staff dedicated to getting you the jail bond you need to get you out of jail and back home with your family as quickly as possible.

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We know that every minute you’re stuck in jail is time you should be spending with the people you love and working on your defense. That’s why we’re your only choice for the best bail bonds in Lathrop, CA, and we offer 24-hour service as well as payment plans for qualified individuals.

Don’t spend one more minute in jail in Lathrop, CA. If you’re in trouble, call BailSmart Bail Bonds at (866) 377-6080 anytime day or night and we’ll get you out of jail ASAP.