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Are you a Manteca resident with a family member or friend in jail that you wish to bail out? Are you personally facing incarceration? When you or a loved you are taken into custody, the first priority is getting home, and a bail bond company can help.

What is Bail and Why Do I Need it?

Bail, also known as bond, is money that is pledged as security to assure that a defendant will appear for trial. Defendants can post bail directly with the court or work with a bail agent. A bail agent or bondsman posts bail on behalf of the defendant and guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear when required by the judge. The defendant promises to pay the full amount of bail to the bondsman if they don’t appear as instructed and pays a nominal fee to the bondsman for posting the bail and making the guarantee to the court.

Why Choose a Bail Bond Company?

If you or a loved one need to post bail, the number one advantage of collaborating with a bail bond company is money. If you work directly with the court to post your bail, you will need to pay the court the full bond amount in one lump sum. When you hire a reputable jail bond agent, the bond agent pays the full bond to the court, and you pay the bond agent a small portion of the bond, typically 10%. This arrangement saves you from making difficult and possibly complicated financial decisions during an already stressful time. However, be aware that if you don’t cooperate with the court, you will be required to pay your bail agent the full bail amount.

A Bail Agent You Can Trust

BailSmart Bail Bonds offers the best bail bonds in Manteca and is the best choice for your jail bond needs. Our company is based in Manteca, San Joaquin County, CA. Our prime motive is to provide solutions that help our clients have a smooth and efficient bail bond process. We provide outstanding 24-hour bail bond services to residents and business owners throughout the region.

  • Accessible online 24/7. We provide around-the-clock online and offline jail bond solutions. A simple phone call or online request is often all that’s needed to secure a bond. No need to leave home; just call or click today.
  • Exceptional customer care. At BailSmart Bail Bonds, our clients are always the first priority. Whether you need our bail bond services or answers to other questions, our customer care representatives will give you top-notch service every time.
  • Simple, straightforward bail bond application. Whether you apply online, over the phone, or in person, our process is simple.
  • Licensed and covered. BailSmart Bail Bonds is fully insured and possesses a valid business license.

For more details about BailSmart Bail Bonds and how you can access our services, call us at (866) 377-6080 for a free consultation and quote on all the services we provide.