The Premium paid for a bail bond is non refundable, the premium amount for a bail bond is the fee for using the full bail amount

Yes! There are 3 ways to get a discount on your bail bond Premium in the state of California.

  1. Active member of a Workers Union
  2. Active Military and Honorably Discharged veterans
  3. Retain a Private Attorney

Military Active/Retired, Workers Union members and retaining an attorney (Non Paid in Full) ALL qualify for an 8% rate.

If you retain an attorney and you pay off your premium amount IN FULL at the time the bail bond is secured, then you qualify for the lowest rate of 7%.

Bail is set by a Judge or Magistrate, the amount depends on the crime for which you are in jail. Once you are given a bail amount you can post bail with cash or in the form of a Bail Bond. Cash posted for bail is refunded at the end of the court proceedings. Although Cash is refunded, bail can range from $5,000 to $500,000 and for many people this is not a practical option. Often times posting cash is burdensome because the money isn’t refunded right away, it may take 3-6 months to get back even after the case is over. Most individuals choose the other route which is to secure a Bail Bond from a licensed Agency such as BailSmart. When you secure a bail bond, you only pay a percentage of the total bail amount and in the state of California the percentage you pay CANNOT exceed 10%.

The most common way to secure a bail bond is for a responsible friend, relative or spouse to sign and pay for the bail bond. Depending on the size of the bond and the Defendant’s past criminal history we can approve a bail bond within minutes of a phone conversation.

Yes, we understand getting arrested can be traumatizing and bailing out can be financially exhausting on families. We offer payment plans for qualified individuals, all it takes is a few questions over the phone and we can help!

Not yet, after someone misses court, the bond is considered “forfeited” and the defendant will have a warrant for his or her arrest. If the defendant does not show up to court for 180 days after the bond is forfeited then the bond will be cashed.


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Usually someone misses court for a legitimate reason which is why we offer reinstatement letters. Upon missing court there will be a warrant for your arrest and your bail is considered “forfeited”. Usually a person can either call or show up in person to the courthouse and get back on the court calendar.  BEFORE YOU GO TO COURT, PICK UP A REINSTATEMENT LETTER from us. This tells the court that we still want to support you on the bail bond and we agree that the bond we posted on your behalf is still good.

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If you missed court and the judge issued a bench warrant, then YES. Until you personally appear before the judge, you will still have a warrant for your arrest. After your appearance, the warrant may be lifted and you will be back on the right track. REMEMBER, if you bailed through BailSmart then pick up a re-instatement letter from an office to inform the courts your bail bond is still good with us.

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